Announcing our workshops for Classified Conference 2021

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Vaccines: Personal and Public Health Perspectives

This workshop is designed to inform participants about the physiological effects of the COVID 19 vaccine, possible side effects and the historical significance of vaccine hesitancy in marginalized communities. There will be an opportunity for participants to ask questions of the presenters following the workshop.

Trauma-informed Education in an Early Childhood Education Setting

Carline Dally, MA LMHC and Debbie Sioux Cano-Lee, Director Nisqually Tribe Early/Head Start

In this 2-hour workshop, we will be examining the foundation of trauma-informed education and why it is crucial to successful student outcomes.  We will discuss how to view behavior through a trauma-informed lens and explore practical ideas to implement trauma informed approaches in the classroom.

Nutrition, Food Insecurity and Student Learning

Access to nutritious food is necessary for every child to learn. School nutrition programs play a vital role, especially during the pandemic, to get healthy food to students in need. Workshop participants will learn about food insecurity and it’s increase during the pandemic, and the role access to food can affect student’s ability to learn.

Return to Normal Better

Dr. Jenifer Gregory, PhD

This workshop is designed to see how best to tackle the challenges of trauma from the Pandemic, the effects of it on our students, and using what was meant to destroy and support the growing together and growing stronger.

Interrupting Unconscious Bias

Kasi Marita Perreira, Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO

How does our unconscious racialized bias affect our interactions with students and coworkers? We will explore where unconscious bias originates from and how we recognize it in the school environment. In addition, we will learn the skills needed to interrupt it.

This workshop is presented as part of the Washington State Labor Council ‘s (WSLC) racial justice program as outlined by WSLC Convention Resolutions. Our working definition: Racism is a system of oppression, designed to divide the working class, so the wealthy elite can consolidate their wealth and power at the very top.