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COVID-19 Resources

We have compiled a list of important resources for our members regarding the COVID-19 outbreak in Washington State. The table of contents can help you locate the general topic you're looking for. If you have anything to add or have questions, please contact Cortney Marabetta, Communications Specialist, at

Page Contents

  1. Post-Vaccine Mandate Updates
  2. 2021 Relief Updates
  3. Vaccine information
  4. Bargaining and Union Issues
  5. Worker Rights and Assistance
  6. Federal Actions
  7. Instructional Guidance and Institutional Issues
  8. News Updates
  9. General Information

Post-Vaccine Mandate Updates

These are resources intended to help with the effects of the vaccine mandate and the vaccine rollout generally.

  1. Answering Concerns About COVID-19 Vaccines
  2. Bargaining the Impacts Of the Vaccine Mandate
  3. AFT Washington Statement on the Vaccine Mandates
  4. Vaccine Conversation Guide

2021 Relief Updates

The American Rescue Plan has passed and we are getting information explaining components of the plan.

  1. How the American Rescue Plan Helps American Families & Funds Our Future (PowerPoint)
  2. Title-By-Title Summary
  3. American Rescue Plan Higher Education Overview
  4. American Rescue Plan Includes Fiscal Relief, Other Funding For States

Vaccine Information

Now that there are several vaccines and the government is ramping up effort to vaccinate, we wanted to provide informational resources that may assist locals and individuals in navigating the issue.

  1. K-12 Vaccine MOU Template
  2. Data and Policy Guide to Opening Schools
  3. School Health and Safety Checklist
  4. A COVID HealthWatch column regarding Vaccines
  5. Facts About the COVID Vaccines (English and Spanish)
  6. COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Facts for Administrators
  7. Safety tips for vaccinators, vaccine tips for workers, and tips for a model vaccine administration program
  8. Information about a smartphone-based program for vaccinations

Bargaining and Union Issues

The shutdown of campuses and move to online learning platforms will have obvious effects on our work, especially those who are contingent faculty and classified staff. To assist with the change, we have collected a number of documents relevant to bargaining.

Reopening Schools

There is a great deal of discussion about how to reopen America's schools, and how to reopen Washington's.

Worker Rights and Assistance

Washington State launched a new website to be a clearinghouse for COVID-19 information across the state agencies. Several state agencies have been at the frontlines of the state's response to COVID-19. The Employment Security Department has released guidelines for benefits, and also has answers to commonly-asked questions about how the federal stimulus packages affected Washingtonians.

Federal Actions

The earliest federal responses to COVID-19 were a bit more general than the later ones.

  • HR 6201, the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act, provided paid sick leave, tax credits, and free COVID-19 testing; expanded food assistance and unemployment benefits; and increased Medicaid funding, but the practical outcome of that wound up being rather narrow. AFT has provided a summary of the FFCRA. There is also a poster, and a summary of its provisions on student meals and sick leave.
  • The CARES Act has more specific provisions on higher education and on PreK-12. The state's allocation of funding is here. Another breakdown includes the Governor's fund portion and the relief fund portion. There is also a breakdown of specifics for Washington state from Senator Murray's office here.
  • The HEROES Act has still not been passed by the Senate. You can read a summary of the Act here. AFT also has a lot of information on how to get the Act passed.
  • Because the HEROES Act has not been passed by the Senate, Senator Murray introduced the Coronavirus Child Care and Education Relief Act, which you can read about here; it is an effort to get funding to childcare and education that the Senate is less able to block than HEROES.

Instructional Guidance and Institutional Issues

The AFT and AAUP have put together a set of guiding principles for higher ed, including treatment of employees, of whistleblower researchers, intellectual property, and other issues.

News Updates

General Information