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For Local Leaders

AFT LeaderNet offers a wealth of AFT news and information, along with useful resources such as media news clips, newsletter templates, a gallery of images and photos, important financial forms, a complete archive of AFT resolutions dating back to 1980, a collective bargaining center, a political action center, the ability to conduct online surveys, and much more. Particularly if you are a new leader, the resources available on LeaderNet are invaluable, and they are useful at all stages of your union journey.
The broad topics on LeaderNet include Governance & Administration; Our Members

Employee information is essential to your ability to effectively represent the bargaining unit members of your local, but unfortunately, many locals have no information, partial information or disorganized information. Having this information at your fingertips also means that communications about union meetings, events and opportunities will be easy to provide and that outreach to bargaining unit members who haven’t yet joined the union can occur on a regular basis.

House Bill 1200, passed in 2023, requires public employers to provide contact information for new hires within 21 days of date


AFT Washington shall establish a program to assist locals in resolving problems that may require retention of legal counsel. Strong emphasis shall be placed on early consultation between the local and AFT Washington regarding the problem. This consultation shall include but not be limited to consideration of the extent to which AFT Washington or other locals have experienced comparable problems, whether any such experience may be applicable to the present problem, and whether measures other than retention of legal counsel are possible or desirable. The program shall also provide financial


Want A Website For Your Local?

If your local is interested in getting a website through AFT's StateWeb program, or receiving training on StateWeb, you can do that through AFT Washington! Please contact Cortney Marabetta at or 206-499-4826 to get set up with the system and schedule training.