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When we stand together, we have power in numbers. That power allows for us to bargain a good contract that includes decent pay, health care, retirement security, and better working conditions. It gives us a seat at the table with our employer to negotiate for things that improve our job and allow us to better serve our communities. Interested in joining? Contact your local to become a member!

Not sure who to talk to at your local? Contact Cortney Marabetta at for help.

Do you work in:

  • A preK-12 school system (public, private or charter)?
  • An early childhood center (Head Start, child care center or family child care)?
  • A college or university system?

If the answer is yes, then the AFT is the place for you. AFT is not a union for teachers only.


Professional staff in public higher education institutions around the state are choosing to come together to form a union and join AFT Washington and AFT. You can be a part of this movement to have a voice at work.

Why AFT Washington?