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AFT Washington's Human Rights Committee Mission Statement

AFT Washington Human Rights Committee Mission Statement

We are a committee representing the diversity of AFT WASHINGTON. Our goal is to honor the shared humanity of all our members. We seek to accomplish this goal by promoting principles of tolerance, fairness, and respect; building meaningful relationships within and outside our organization; and monitoring our effectiveness regularly.

To achieve our Mission:

  • We will publicize, participate in, and organize events that will help fight human rights abuses in our union, our community, our country and our world.
  • We will recognize and honor the efforts of those who work to promote and defend human rights.
  • We will promote education as a way to bring about equality and change for those being left behind.
  • We will provide a platform for all members of our union to educate, inform, and be recognized so that we eradicate all forms of classism, racism, sexism and any kind of “otherism,” real or perceived, that exists within our union.

Tracy Lai, Vice President for Human Rights, is the chair of the committee, and Bernal Baca, AFT Washington, provides staff support to this committee:; 509-961-7840.

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