Key Documents

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AFT Washington 2015 Bylaws and Standing Rules Amendments

As amended at the 2015 AFT Washington Convention, May 15, 2015

Amendments 1-3: To amend Article IV, Officers; Section 1, inserting wording for a new vice president; and Section 2; sub-section B, inserting a new section 6 moving the section on vice presidents for the council to 7 with wording that adds to the vice president for the community and technical college councils duties.

Amendment 4: To amend Article V, Nominations and Elections; Section 3, Methods of Nomination; adding a new sub-section E making the current one sub-section F and making the current sub-section F sub-section G.

Amendment 5: To amend Article Vll, Councils; Section 4, Meetings; adding a new sub-section after B.

Amendment 6: To amend Article Vlll, Committees; Section 1, Standing Committees; sub-section E, inserting new wording to the section.

Downloadable 2015 AFT Washington Bylaws, Standing Rules, Legal Defense Policy, and COPE Bylaws (pdf).

2015 AFT Washington Resolutions

Resolutions as adopted at the AFT Washington Convention May 15, 2015

Convention Resolution 2015-01

Celebrating Social Security & Medicare

Convention Resolution 2015-02

Contingent Faculty Position on the AFT Washington Executive Board

Convention Resolution 2015-03

Establish Two Distinct Job Classifications for Classified Employees – Classified Exempt and Classified Hourly

Convention Resolution 2015-04

Support Full Funding of Washington State Community and Technical Colleges

Convention Resolution 2015-05

Support for Social Security Modernization and Enhancement

Convention Resolution 2015-06

Transgender Healthcare Equity

Convention Resolution 2015-07

Promoting and Increasing Voter Engagement Among Youth and Communities of Color


Download Resolution Booklet (pdf).


Resolution 2018-01, Promoting Safe and Supportive Schools and Colleges

March 12, 2018 -- In light of increased on-campus school and college shootings, and most recently, of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida this year, AFT Washington's Executive Board passed Resolution 2018-01 to promote safe and supportive schools and colleges. Read the Resolution here.