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Resources on Immigrant Rights

We have compiled a list of human and immigrant rights organizations for your use. Feel free to download and/or share this three-page document.

Mythopedia, Debunking Myths About Laws and Rights

Mythopedia, a project of Media Matters for America, was created as a website to debunk the most common myths and lies on anything from elections to environment to national security to right-to-work laws. For example: Workers in states without right-to-work laws are forced to unionize is not true. Fact: forced union membership is banned by federal law. Check out their website at:

Washington's Archaic Revenue System is Worst in Nation

“Washington’s tax system is the most regressive in the nation, placing a disproportionate burden on those with the lowest incomes.” – TIME Magazine

Links to Literacy Resources (ABE/ESL)

The Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges has a great web page that contains links to various websites having to do with adult literacy, English as a Second Language, teaching to non-English speaking persons, learning materials and lesson plans, and much more.