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About the Retiree Chapter

The AFT Washington Retiree Chapter, Local 8045R, is an affiliate of AFT Washington and the American Federation of Teachers. It was established for the benefit of retired members of AFT Washington, to foster the social, political, educational, cultural, and civic pursuits of retirees. It functions as an active arm of AFT Washington, with a seat on the Executive Board, and has a relationship with the National organization. It is also intended to champion a united voice for AFT Retirees in the state of Washington, and to disseminate information of interest to our members.

The chapter has no dues. At this time, you are eligible to be a member if you are a retired member of AFT Washington or any of its affiliates, including AFT, WFT, or WSFT, or are a spouse of an AFT Washington, AFT, WFT, or WSFT member.

You can find the National Retiree Chapter website here.

Our next board meeting is October 19th at 1:30 PM via Zoom. If you are interested in attending - members are always welcome! - please contact Cortney Marabetta at The meeting will be hybrid.

Social Security’s Cost-of-Living Increase Likely to be Largest in Four Decades

Retirees will learn the amount of the Social Security COLA increase for 2023 on October 13, and the current estimate, according to The New York Times, is that it will be 8.7%. That would make it the largest in four decades.

The 2023 COLA will provide a considerable boost to all of the 70 million Americans who rely on their earned Social Security benefits.

“The expected COLA will be an enormous help but it is not enough. Congress could increase benefits even further by passing H.R. 5723,‘Social Security 2100: A Sacred Trust,’ which was introduced by Rep. John Larson (CT), or the Social Security Expansion Act, S. 4365, introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT). Both of these bills make the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share,” said Joseph Peters, Jr., Secretary-Treasurer of the Alliance. “By removing the artificial earnings cap that is currently $147,000 per year, we could strengthen the Social Security Trust Fund while providing all retirees with increased benefits.”

That cap is expected to increase to $155,100 for 2023, according to an annual report released by the Social Security Board of Trustees on June 2.

Social Security expansion bills supported by the Alliance also require COLAs to be based on the CPI-E, the Consumer Price Index for the Elderly. The CPI-E reflects health care and housing costs, items that seniors actually spend their money on – a change that would result in fairer COLAs every year, not just every few decades. 

Retiree Chapter Seeks New Board Members!

The AFT Washington Retiree Chapter Board just heard that we will be losing another Board member. Barb Randall-Saleh will be moving to Philadelphia in September! We will miss her tremendously! That leaves us with two positions open on the Board, and we need your help to fill these positions. Our Board works to support and inform our members on issues that affect our retirees.

The two positions we're looking to fill are the Vice President, and a Director role. The Board meets quarterly, with the next meeting on October 19. You're welcome to visit the meeting to learn more! The meetings have been hybrid or fully virtual, and are when we discuss all things that are pertinent to retirees. We sometimes form committees to look deeper into a subject of interest, and those meetings are set in the timeframe between Board meetings. Usually the task is completed in one meeting. While there is a time commitment to being on the Board, it is not one of years-long committees!

Please consider joining our Board and helping us do this work for the good of all retirees!

You can contact Merrilee Miron, President of the Board, at or Cortney Marabetta at for more information.

We need your voice!

Join the AFT Washington Retiree Chapter

Photo by Garet Munger

If you are retired and fit one or more of the following categories, you can join the Retiree Chapter simply by completing an application form and mailing it to us at 604 Oakesdale Avenue SW, Suite 103, Renton, WA 98057. THERE ARE NO DUES.

  • You were ever a member of an AFT Washington, WFT, and/or WSFT Local
  • You were employed by AFT Washington, WFT, and/or WSFT
  • You have had or have some association with an AFT local outside the State of Washington or with the national American Federation of Teachers

You may also join the chapter if you are the spouse or partner of a Retiree-Chapter member or a member of her or his family.

If you have questions, please contact Cortney Marabetta at or 1-866-992-3892 ext. 8084.

Retiree Chapter Local 8045R Bylaws

The Retiree Chapter is engaged in a project to clean up the conflicting versions of the bylaws that have developed. The revised bylaws will be voted on at the next Annual Meeting of the chapter, in 2023. In the meantime, this set of bylaws, which are a composite of the different versions, is the most complete bylaws document currently available. If there is a question about whether a specific clause is in the last approved bylaws, please contact Cortney Marabetta at

Retiree Chapter Monthly Emails

The Retiree Chapter sends out emails of interest to our members on an as-needed basis. Many of those emails have political content and action opportunities, such as opposing the increasing privatization of Medicare and protecting Social Security. If you would like to receive these emails, please contact Cortney Marabetta at to be added to the mailing list!

Healthcare Is A Human Right Priorities

The Retiree Chapter of AFT Washington is a strong supporter of Healthcare is A Human Right (HCHR), which has been urging Congress to create a more equitable future for all by including several health policy priorities in the federal budget. This work has been ongoing; now with the reconciliation bill before Congress, and with healthcare a key component of the Build Back Better agenda, efforts have redoubled.

The Economic Opportunity Institute put together a PowerPoint describing those priorities.

The 2021-2023 Retiree Chapter Executive Board

The Board of the Retiree Chapter consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and five Directors. They serve for a two-year term. This biennium's board is:

President: Merrilee Miron
Vice President: VACANT
Secretary: Karen Post
Treasurer: Sandra Schroeder
Director: Jim Howe
Director: Susan Levy
Director: Renee Potter
Director: Burt Weston
Director: VACANT